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Pub Date 19 Oct 2021
Amazon Publishing UK, Thomas & Mercer


When Rachel stumbles upon a body in the woods, she knows what she has to do: run. Get away. Do not be found at the scene. Last time, she didn’t know, and she ended up accused of murder. But when this victim is identified as her boyfriend’s estranged wife, Rachel realizes she’s already the prime suspect.

With mounting evidence against her, Rachel’s only hope is to keep the truth about herself well hidden. Because twenty years ago she was someone else—Casey, a young nanny trying to make it as an actress in Los Angeles. When the family she worked for were brutally murdered, all the evidence pointed to her and she went to prison. Back then, she narrowly escaped the death penalty and managed to free herself on appeal. Now she’s fighting to save the life she’s spent years piecing back together.

But with her behavior raising suspicion and the police closing in, Rachel can’t help wondering: Was her discovery in the woods really just an awful coincidence, or is someone framing her for murder? Someone who knows who she is, and wants revenge.

Adele’s Review:

I Know You is the first book I’ve read by Irish author Claire McGowan. The unique plotline of this thriller hooked me from the first pages, and McGowan’s impressive writing skills kept me reading. The story surrounds a woman named Rachel who’s arrested for failing to report the body she found in the woods, and later for the murder of that person. Turns out, Rachel was once called Casey and served time on a previous murder charge that was later dismissed. Did she commit these crimes or was she also a victim of a psychopath intent on ruining her life?

The ARC I read of I Know You was an Uncorrected Proof still in need of formatting and editing, but the book has since been released in its final form. The version I read needed a good bit of editing for length, and perhaps the final version has been tightened up. I was impressed by the author’s writing skills, but have a bit of an issue with her misconceptions about Americans, and found her sweeping statements about us and our justice system irritating. I promise, we don’t all carry guns and shoot people. Overall, a good read.

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/4322874843

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08R3GZ4CV

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