Somewhere in the Dark by R. J. Jacobs #BookReview @rjjacobs @crookedlanebooks #NetGalley @BaysideBookReviews #thriller #mystery #suspense

Pub Date 11 Aug 2020
Crooked Lane Books
Mystery & Thrillers


Do the mistakes of the past mark us as guilty for life?

After a childhood marred by neglect, Jessie Duval’s finally got it together. With an apartment in Nashville and a job with a catering company, she’s thriving.

But all that changes when Jessie works an event where celebrities will be in attendance—including the one person from her past she must avoid at all costs: singer Shelly James. Jessie doesn’t hate Shelly. Quite the opposite. One summer, she followed Shelly’s tour everywhere. Only, Shelly wasn’t flattered; she was terrified by Jessie’s devotion—especially after Jessie was arrested. But after a year of therapy, Jessie understands what happened. She’s not the same person anymore.

Jessie keeps her head down, but when Shelly is found dead, Jessie’s troubled past comes tumbling out and she quickly becomes a suspect in the high-profile murder. As the police close in on her, ignoring other credible leads, Jessie realizes Shelly’s murder will be pinned on her—the perfect scapegoat—unless she finds the real killer. And no one knows Shelly’s life and inner circle better than her. But she will have to go deeper into the dark—if ever she wants to find her way out.

Adele’s Review:

Somewhere In The Dark is a terrific book! I thoroughly enjoyed this unique, page turning story that is unlike any other thriller I’ve read. Since I reviewed the book for NetGalley and Goodreads before Bayside Book Reviews was built, I decided to post the review here. This novel deserves attention.

Jessie is a wholly sympathetic protagonist, and I found myself rooting for her time and again, even when I questioned her choices. I can’t reveal more without spoilers, but I highly recommend this tale. IMHO the story would have been better without the two dream sequences, which slowed the pacing; otherwise this was an entertaining, very enjoyable read. Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC for an honest review.

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