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Pub Date 18 Jan 2022
William Morrow and Custom House, Willam Morrow Paperbacks
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers | Women’s Fiction


The watcher sees who you are…and knows what you did.

It’s the perfect home for the perfect family: pretty Nora Howell, her handsome husband, their two teenage daughters, and lovable dog. As California transplants making a fresh start in Brooklyn, they expected to live in a shoebox, but the brownstone has a huge kitchen, lots of light, and a backyard. The catch: its previous residents were victims of a grisly triple homicide that remains unsolved.

Soon, peculiar things begin happening. The pug is nosing around like a bloodhound. Nora unearths a long-hidden rusty box in the flowerbed. Oldest daughter Stacey, obsessed with the family murdered in their house, pokes into the bloody past and becomes convinced that a stranger is watching the house. Watching them.

She’s right. But one of the Howells will recognize his face. Because one of them has a secret that will blindside the others with a truth that lies shockingly close to home—and to this one’s terrifying history.

Adele’s Review:

Would you buy a home that had been the scene of a triple murder? Even at a substantial discount in a supremely desirable and very expensive neighborhood you couldn’t otherwise have afforded? Would you?

The Howell family decided to take the price break and move into a sizeable house in Brooklyn though the previous owners had all been murdered there. The past is the past, right? Well, of course, very creepy things begin to happen to the Howell’s immediately after they move into their dream home. Their house and their neighbors are weird, and no one seems…genuine.

The Other Family is told from different POVs and was a slow build for me. Wendy Corsi Staub is a well-established author with a long list of back titles, and she skillfully penned this story.

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