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Pub Date 31 May 2022
St. Martin’s Press, Minotaur Books
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers


Leaving would be dangerous. Staying could be worse.

Leah and McKenna have never met, though they have parallel lives.

They don’t—ever—find themselves in the same train carriage or meet accidentally at the gym or the coffee shop.

They don’t—ever—discuss their problems and find common ground.

They don’t—ever—acknowledge to each other that although their lives have all the trappings of success, wealth and happiness, they are, in fact, trapped.

Leah understands that what’s inside a home can be far more dangerous than what’s outside. So when she notices someone else who may be starting down the same path she’s on, she pays attention. She watches over McKenna from afar. Until one night she sees more than she bargained for. Leah knows she can’t save herself, but perhaps she can save McKenna.

Leah and McKenna have never met. But they will.

Adele’s Review:

Nora Murphy makes her debut with the compelling thriller The Favor, a fresh take on Strangers On The Train, that’s simply un-put-downable. I empathized with main characters Leah and McKenna and rooted for them while they faced escalating violence from handsome, successful, controlling husbands inside their upscale homes in picture-perfect neighborhoods. The author handled the subject of domestic abuse with sensitivity and skill, and added surprising twists I never saw coming. This is a terrific book! Highly recommended. Don’t miss this one!

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