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Pub Date 24 Jun 2022
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers


When a dream trip becomes your worst nightmare.

You’ve been excited about this getaway for months – at last, a chance to reconnect with your husband at a secluded island resort. But when he unexpectedly calls you from the beach, you hear the urgency in his voice. Something is very wrong.

The beautiful waitress from the restaurant last night has been found lying dead in the sand. And the police want to question your husband about it.

Sure, you saw him glance at her over dinner a few times, but you know he didn’t have anything to do with the poor girl’s death. So why is he asking you to lie to the police that he was with you all night? And where did he go in those missing hours.

When he returns to your beautiful sea-view suite, things get heated and he accuses you of being jealous, just like he always does. Yes, the waitress was overly flirtatious with your husband, but you didn’t actually wish her any harm. Not really.

Can you trust the man you married… or are you the one who can’t be trusted?

Adele’s Review:

This was my first novel by author Sue Watson, and I will likely read more of her books in the future. The Resort features three married couples who become ‘vacation friends’ during their stay at a spectacular island hotel, but whose social veneer collapses when a murder investigation prevents them from leaving. This whodunnit has interesting twists and turns, unusual suspects, and a clever ending. An enjoyable read!

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