All That We Are (Wyndham Beach Book 3) by Mariah Stewart #BookReview #Montlake @mariah_stewart_books @BaysideBookReviews #AllThatWeAre #Romance #WomensFiction #Friendship

Publisher:‎ Montlake
Publication date: Dec 13, 2022
ISBN: 1542039630


In the decade since Emma Dean’s husband died, she’s maintained a peaceful and organized life in her hometown of Wyndham Beach—until she finds evidence of her husband’s longtime affair. How, Emma wonders, can a man who’s been gone for ten years still break her heart.

Still reeling from the betrayal, Emma must focus on the group of artists she’s invited to take up residence at the art center she founded, one of whom is secretly seeking refuge from her abusive ex. Toss in a charming businessman who’s returned to town with eyes for only Emma, and it’s becoming a most interesting summer.

And the biggest surprise of all is about to ring Emma’s doorbell and turn her life completely upside down yet again.

As Emma struggles between what was and what is, she discovers that the life she really wants—however unexpected—is just within reach, if she’s willing to fight for it.

Adele’s Review:

Mariah Stewart writes beautiful books, as her legions of fans will attest. All That We Are is the third heartfelt story in the Wyndham Beach series but can easily be read as a standalone.

I don’t often review more than one book in a series but was curious to know what happens in the life of Emma, the third woman in the original trio of longtime Wyndham Beach friends. It’s refreshing to read a series about mature women who have faced difficult and sometimes unimaginable life challenges and overcome them with support from family and friends. Stewart reminds us that we are stronger when we are connected to others.

All That We Are features Emma, a woman with an artist’s soul, who is seemingly the most free-spirited of her circle. She might also be the most fragile. In this book she discovers a betrayal so deep and unexpected it changes the way she views her past. Friends, grown children and the grandchildren in her circle help her heal and move forward to a more satisfying and rewarding life than she ever imagined.

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