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Pub Date 16 Jan 2023
Boldwood Books
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers


I’m not being paranoid. It’s all there in the crossword clues…in black and white. There’s no doubt the threat is real. Today, the answers spell out my murder.
May Third. Amanda. Silver Birch. Noontime. Assassination.

Is Nathan, my estranged crossword-setter husband, really planning to kill me? Or is it someone closer to home?

I check the door is bolted, slither to the ground, and count down the seconds to noon. There’s nothing left to do, and no one I can call. Who’d believe me anyway? The lady on the ground floor has already left the building, and my new boyfriend is on holiday. Or is he?

A tread of footsteps. A rap at the door, and I close my eyes, hold my breath…

Adele’s Review:

3.5 Stars

When this reviewer read the description of One Down, I was hooked. I had to find out how a murder is plotted using clues from a newspaper crossword puzzle. The premise is unique and clever, appealing to both fiction and crossword enthusiasts.

The story structure is similar to a cozy mystery, not a fast-paced thriller, and offers several suspects. The protagonist, Amanda, is a recovering alcoholic whose missteps are at the center of the story. Amanda is not the most likable heroine, and the story pacing is sometimes too slow, but this reviewer cheered for Amanda’s sobriety and willingness to regain control of her life. Everyone deserves a happy ending.

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