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Pub Date 25 Jan 2023
Boldwood Books
General Fiction (Adult) | Mystery & Thrillers


Three women’s lives are about to change forever.

The Daughter.

My father is innocent. He’s spent almost four years behind bars, but now he’s getting out. I gave up everything to be there for him, just like he was always there for me. It’s all going to be worth it now.

The Girlfriend.

As soon as I opened the paper that day and saw that picture of Sandy, I didn’t care about the story surrounding it. There’s no way he hurt that girl. Now he’s out, we’ll get married and I’ll finally get to meet his daughter. There’ll be no more hiding our love.

The Other Woman.

No one knows what happened all those years ago, and the life I built depends on no one finding out. Now he’s getting out, my secrets may soon see the light. I can’t let that happen.

One Loves Him.

One Needs Him.

One Wants Him DEAD.

Adele’s Review:

The Ideal Man is a well-written, dark and disturbing look at the relationships between women and men, and the reality of who we are versus what we reveal to others. Three women are affected in different ways by Sandy, the man at the center of the tale, and each tells her story about him in her unique POV. Which of the three women sees Sandy most clearly?

All three female points of view are equally well-told, and this reviewer is especially impressed by the uniqueness of their voices. The author does a great job of giving each character distinct personality traits and motivations. The novel is set in France, treating us to language and scenery that provides added color to a story ripe with mystery and tension. The final chapters put me on the edge of my seat. I enjoyed reading this book.

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